Happy Mother's Day!

As a thank you to all our customers; we are having a Mother's Day special.  Any 10" - 12" hanging basket or patio pots just $16.  Even Ferns!  This sale is for Mother's day only and our hours are 10 - 5.   

Spring has Sprung

This great weather brings great plants.  The garden center is filling up with all sorts of beautiful spring flowers.  Our first shipment of veggie market packs are in as well. 

This Easter is Hopping

Our Easter is starting off with some great bulb plants.  Tulips, Hyacinths and Daffodils are just the beginning.  We have pansies and frost bowls.  We also have small azaleas and hydrangeas. 


This year( only our fifth year selling Christmas trees), nearly 1000 families will visit and purchase their Premium Frasier Fir Christmas tree from Pgh Garden.  It's not hard to believe since our largest tree(over 10ft) sells for only $50.  We have a huge selection from $25-$50. We also continue to provide the highest quality Christmas plants like Poinsettias, Cactus, Cedar trees, and many others. Our wreaths, cemetery cones and crosses of pine are second to none. Or if you feel creative yourself, we carry a huge selection of live greens.  Stop by and see for yourself!!!!

Pumpkin City!

Stop in to see our thousands of pumpkins.  We have Huge ones to miniatures.  We have warty and smooth, and even white, pink and green ones.  Cornstalks and Straw bales are also available.

Mums are here!

Fall is on its way, and mums are here at last.  All of our fall mums are perennial, and quite hardy. We have a variety of sizes from 6" pots ($4) to 10 Gallon pots Flowering Cabbage/Kale is also here in 8" pots ($4)   New deliveries every few days.

Fall Mums

Our Selection of Fall Perennial Mums is due in mid August. We carry a large variety of colors and sizes staring at 6". All locally grown, as usual. Check back for updates on in stock quantities and Pics.

Trinidad heat

Looking for some hot peppers to compliment your chili?  We have received a small shipment of the famous Trinidad Scorpion peppers.  They are some of the hottest peppers around, and highly anticipated. 

Mighty Mato

Have you tried our Mighty Mato tomatoes before?  They are heirloom tomatoes grafted onto the root system of heartier tomatoes resulting in higher yields and better disease resistance.  They started a new product this year that we think everyone will love.  It is called Ketchup 'n Fries.  It is a grafted tomato plant growing in the same pot as some potatoes.   Our first shipment of them came in today.

Pond Plants

For the first time we got a shipment of pond plants.  Check out our big 2 gallon tomatoes in peat pots.  They already are flowering, and soon to be bearing fruit.  Speaking of fruit, we have a new type of strawberry plant.  They are called hula berries and taste like pineapples!   

Happy Planting!

Big shipment today

With the beautiful weather and busy days we received a huge shipment of flowers this morning.  On top of that at around 2 or 3 today we are receiving another large shipment of vegetables.   To celebrate this great weather we are having a sale on selected shrubs.  They are 15$ each for a limited time.


Everyone's favorite leafy dear resistant plant is back!  Market packs of nasturtium came in for a great annual ground cover.  We also got in 12" hand picked hanging baskets with beautiful arrangements of different flowers. 

New Products

Have a doorway that needs color?  We received some new XL Mandevilla and Dipladenia on 5.5' trellises.  If you don't care for the idea of plants climbing on you house, we have you covered as well.  We now have single ball, double ball, twisted, and triple ball topiaries.  Perfect for entrances, walkways, or outside your office. 


4 inch Tomato Plants

Looking to get a head start in your tomato plants?  Well today is your day!  We received a shipment of 4" tomatoes and pepper plants ($2 each).  If you are looking for a little more color in your life, we also received some new tropical trees ($30), and combination baskets.  For a short time only our 12" Hanging Baskets with combinations of flowers are on sale for same as the regular 10" baskets ($16 or 2 for $30)

More Tropicals!

It's been a cold week.  Sorry for the slowdown in updates, but we received a shipment of new tropical plants.  Gardenia trees, Hibiscus trees, Mandevilla, and our ever popular Shrimp trees.  This week coming up is supposed to be very nice, so prepare to take your plants out and let them enjoy that sunshine. 

New Supplier!

We got a large shipment in today from a new grower.  Check out our selection of tropical plants, herb bowls, and new hanging baskets.  We also received some peppers and annuals in market packs.  We have majestic palms now for as low as $20.  Check back for more updates

Sunny Day!!

New Boston Ferns have arrived  See our Pics in the gallery.  12" combo Baskets are on sale for $20 ( Reg $25)  We have Penn State Sun and Shade grass seed mix. We also have NGM Livingston seeds in stock.  Great variety. 

Zinnias, Zinnia and More Zinnias

We have amazing blooming Zinnias on the truck for today along with great looking Ranunculus 4" pots and hard to find Helleborus Perennials. Also just arriving are house plants of various sizes. See the photos in the gallery or stop by between 10am and 7pm